Marykim (aka Mrs. Innkeeper)

People ask me all the time, “what inspired you to create The Paper Doll House?” Well, quite frankly, it is the cumulation of everything I have ever done!  For years I worked in a marketing research firm, Photography Studio, District Sales Manager, Marketing Director and Director of New Business Development before I left Corporate America.  Raising a blended family with 5 children I needed something that had flexibility and no travel. I managed a Scrapbook store for a couple of years to support my paper craft habit. Our Friday night crops were so popular; I varied the menu from the typical pizza and pop to a tray of Ham Fried Rice and Egg rolls.  Give a girl some time to craft, something fun to eat (she didn’t have to prepare herself) and BOOM! You got a craft party!! I hosted a large hotel event but I knew, with a permanent location, I could do something special. With money I made creating scrapbooks for other people, a hope and a prayer, The Paper Doll House was born.


Kris (aka Mr. Innkeeper)

I met this amazing man while I was attending a scrapbooking retreat in Des Moines, Iowa, fall of 2009.  Mechanical genius; born and raised in a small town west of Des Moines. His hardworking, family-oriented, genuine yet coy graciousness was hard to resist, and a natural fit.  When asked if he ever imagined sharing his home and life with dozens of women every weekend, he admits to coming into this life “eyes wide open!” A coffee connoisseur, and a wiz with a rubber spatula, his mechanical prowess gets put into play most every weekend!  You can often hear him in the kitchen, singing along with the stereo, but only when a PDH Karaoke party erupts, can guests truly experience his vocal abilities. After decades of turning wrenches and working as a service coordinator for a major company, Kris is WELL equipped to handle most mechanical challenges of a 125-year-old house, a couple of used cars, and anything a customer may encounter while here.

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Shelby & Molly (aka Hospitality Interns)

Shelby is a 2-year-old Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle).  Her mother was small, so she only clocks in at 41 lbs. Molly is a 12-year-old Schnoodle (miniature Schnauzer and poodle) and the boss.  Both dogs are well adjusted to Retreat life and are proud to serve as Doorbell, Comfort Companion, Couch Buddy, and Crumb Crew. Both interns are considered hypoallergenic and are here for your enjoyment, security, and amusement.  

Both take their responsibilities very seriously.